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Personal Consultations

Style for You! provides a range of services to help you develop your most effective personal style and look your best, from individual consultations to small group workshops.

Colour Your Style
Your Perfect Fit
(ladies only)

Discover your personal colouring and the best palette of colours that will make you look your absolute best.   Learn strategies to mix and match colours in outfits effectively and effortlessly, and use colours to cleverly camouflage figure challenges.  Once you understand how colours work together for your personal colouring, shopping will no longer be a confusing or expensive affair because you will know how to choose the right colours with ease.

A clear understanding of your figure and how to dress it allows you to accentuate the positive parts and camouflage the challenging bits. You will learn how making the right fabric choices, using “skinny bits” and proportions can achieve a complete look which brings harmony between you and your appearance and brings out your essence as a person.

Accessorise in Style
(ladies only)

Learning the elements of scale, proportion, character and amount of accessories is key to getting accessories to work in harmony with your outfit to make a big difference to your ensemble, giving it a polished finish.

Exec Presence.jpg
Executive Presence

To be a successful leader, having the right education, perfect resume and requisite skills are just not enough.  You also need presence.  And not just any presence, but Executive Presence.

Wardrobe Planning

Is mixing and matching a challenge? Have items you don’t need? Are price tags still on? Is your wardrobe disorganised?

Once you know how to plan and organise your wardrobe effectively, you start making smarter choices and get maximum mileage out of it.

Personal Shopping

Personal shopping provides you the individualised attention and advice to help you decide what looks good on you and the assistance to mix and match in a fast and painless manner.

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