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The Colour Workshop sessions were a roaring success with everyone game to find out their colours and coordinates. Brenda made it easy to understand and the impartation of her knowledge and skills was second to none. She was succinct and her wit and charm had every one paying rapt attention to her insights and explanations.


Brenda has great grace and charm when she conducts her Workshops. She has endless patience and fields all questions with great confidence, aplomb and an easy smile. Her personal experiences and shared memories of her own life, family and friends helps to endear her participants to her talks as they find they can easily relate their life experiences to her, without fear, favour or judgement.

Andrea Nathan. Director of Operations

The session provided opportunity to clarify doubts about how colours can be combined for a desired effect. I've certainly been more conscious of how I can apply the learning as I look at how I put my clothing together and a bit more adventurous in choosing combination of colours. 

Grace Tan, School Principal

The fashion workshop was a very fruitful experience. Through the workshop, I was able to understand the technicalities of fashion and to appreciate the coming together of different colours and shapes, and their contribution to fashion, something I had not taken close notice to before. The workshop helped me understand my style and what suits me best, which helps me to have a clearer vision for my own fashion sense, and what I should look out for in the future. I've also learnt how to put my best front when it comes to the way I present myself, not just externally but also internally. I am grateful for this experience to give me a chance to learn the best way to embrace myself, my body and my style.

Ashley Jane Leow, Student

Shopping for clothes is something I am not crazy about, but Brenda has made it easy for me to find clothes that were suitable for my body shape which also hid my figure challenges. She is very friendly and professional and loves helping people improve their appearance. I feel very comfortable shopping with her.  She is very good about choosing the right clothes and explains what works and what doesn't. You can tell that she has a passion for helping others find just the right look. After going shopping with her, I feel more confident, more sure about my style and appearance. I always thought I looked good in what I chose before but came to know it could be better with the help of a personal shopper.Going shopping with her has been a great experience! I highly recommend it.

Personal Shopping client

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